Diversity Solutions Sample Programs


Soup or Salad?...Diversity the Main Entrée

In this instructive and inspiring approach to understanding the core values of diversity, participants will gain knowledge that dispels the myth that nurturing diversity is only relevant to underrepresented groups; increase their awareness and appreciation for difference; and, identify the benefits associated with fostering a culture of inclusion.

Working with an Increasingly Diverse Population

This experiential workshop provides an opportunity for organization leaders and employees to better understand the aspects of growing diversity and to address how these changing demographics can impact organization success.  The presenter will share his ingenious methods to improving culture competencies and to enriching the work experience.

Imagine the Possibilities: Building and Sustaining Inclusive Communities

This interactive session will give employers and employees tools to build and sustain a favorable work environment that empowers and enables each individual to become an agent of change.  Using their unique styles and leadership qualities to impact change, participants will learn techniques to challenge practices, policies, and behavior that marginalize individuals and groups by working together to find solutions.

Leadership Development Sample Programs

Leading with P.U.R.P.O.S.E.: Passion, Urgency, Responsibility, Preparation, Opportunity, Service, Effectiveness


Having a clear PURPOSE is the key to successful leadership. Participants will explore seven elements of leadership.  Participants will discover how to lead with passion and a sense of urgency that will allow them to make responsible decisions.  They will also learn why preparation is important in seizing opportunities for serving his/her organization effectively.


Passing the Baton: On your Mark! Get Set! Go!


Leadership is similar to a relay race.  It occurs in stages and involves the transference of power and authority.  This session will assist current leaders in successfully exchanging the baton to new leaders.  Furthermore, new leaders will learn the necessary skills to embrace their new roles and responsibilities with confidence and realize how leadership today can create a lasting legacy for tomorrow.



Attitude equals altitude.  Your attitude will determine your level of success. Leaders who possess a CAN-DO attitude set themselves apart from other leaders.  In this session, participants will discover new ways to increase self-confidence that will strengthen their leadership skills.  Utilizing practical strategies and innovative techniques, participants will learn how to create and cultivate a positive attitude that will enable them to achieve better results. 

Community Building Sample Programs


Neighborhood Watch: Engaging Community in Shaping Its Future


They are the youth of our past and the adults of our future.  This workshop will highlight what is possible when we connect youth to community programs that foster and support their educational, psychological, social, physical, and spiritual development. Participants will receive practical solutions to mobilize change and to obtain support and involvement from community members.


United We Grow-Divided We Fail


This experiential workshop will highlight core elements of creating community partnerships: shared vision, communication, collaboration, collective responsibility, and personal investment.  Participants will explore successful strategies and processes that will assist them in working together to vitalize and sustain community.


The Clashing C’s: Class, Culture, and Community


This interactive workshop will address socioeconomic status and how it shapes our sense of who we are.  Through lively discussions and exercises, participants will better understand how class intersects other aspects of identity and impacts community development.  Participants will also learn what it takes to transform patterns of interaction and discover new ways to solve problems which will encourage a stronger sense of community pride and minimize class division.

Organizational Development Sample Programs


Supervision: It is all About S-T-Y-L-E


How one supervises can directly impact organizational growth and success.  This experiential session allows the participants to explore their own supervisory style and gain innovative ideas on how to guide by example not force. Participants will be introduced to five leadership strategies that, when practiced appropriately, can bring about positive results, increased satisfaction, and improved performance.


Managing Conflict: Critical Conditions – Require Urgent Responses


This seminar will investigate the connections between conflict management and resolution. The presenter will clarify the role of organization leaders in managing and resolving conflict effectively without stepping on toes. Participants will learn how unresolved conflict contributes to breakdown in communication, low morale, decreased productivity, and minimum personal investment.  The presenter will share examples to minimize attitudes and behaviors that create obstacles and impede organization progress.


Team Building: A Team that Plays Together Wins Together

This workshop demonstrates how cooperative effort assists organizations in meeting goals and achieving better outcomes.  Through group exercises, participants will explore dynamics that encourage and hinder group interaction and participation.  Discovering shared values and ideas, individuals will learn how to use what they have in common to enhance and strengthen the work environment, improve processes, find workable solutions, and create win-win outcomes for all team members.

Social Justice Sample Programs

Code Red: Responding to Acts of Intolerance

In this session participants will learn how to identify behaviors and attitudes that marginalize and disenfranchise individuals and groups.  The presenter will provide skills and tools that are necessary to confront oppression and demonstrate techniques to interrupt it.  Through exploratory exercises, participants will be better equipped to become allies for social justice.