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Have you ever…


  • Needed your Will prepared or updated

  • Leased an apartment, home or car

  • Faced foreclosure or bankruptcy

  • Feared being a victim of identity theft

  • Wanted advice on a credit or tax issue

  • Been in an automobile accident

  • Been treated unfairly

  • Had to care for an elderly parent

  • Feared an audit from the IRS

  • Had concerns regarding child support

  • Lost your wallet

  • Disputed with an individual or company

  • Had divorce or child custody issues

  • Feared being sued

  • Been pursued by a collection agency

  • Needed legal help but couldn't afford it

  • Signed a contract

  • Got a speeding ticket or traffic violation

  • Had trouble with a warranty

  • Secured a mortgage or refinanced one

  • Been overcharged for a repair


ID Theft Protection 


We are the only company in the industry that RESTORES your identity and GIVES YOU ACCESS to over 2200 Licensed Fraud Investigators AND 2500 top-rated attorneys to help you with all the legal entanglements that surface with identity theft.


Legal Protection


For as little as $20 a month, we give you the ability to talk to an attorney on any personal legal matter without worrying about high hourly costs. That’s why, under the protection of this service, you or your family can live your lives worry free.


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